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Bioenergetics Press Learning Resource Center is dedicated to bodywork Bioenergetic psychotherapy as pioneered by Dr. Alexander Lowen. It is a resource of books, DVDs, downloadable articles and streaming videos that are offered to provide practitioners in the helping professions - psychotherapists, coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists and all individuals interested in the tools of Bioenergetic Analysis.

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  • Joy (Alexander Lowen, M.D.)

    Original Price: $12.95

    Joy (Alexander Lowen, M.D.)

    Original Price: $12.95

    Joy (Alexander Lowen, M.D.)

    This book reveals how to reclaim a natural, childlike state of joy through exercises that revive the body's vitality and liberate the energy of suppressed feelings. It's a wonderfully hopeful and transformational guide.

Alexander Lowen's books: Betrayal of the Body, Honoring the Body, Fear of Life, Language of the Body, The Way to Vibrant Health, Spirituality of the Body, Voice of the Body, Love, Sex, and your Heart and Pleasure, are printed by Lightning Source and can be purchased at