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Your Body Speaks its Mind (Stanley Keleman)

Sale Price: $11.95
Item Number: 0934320012
Author: Stanley Keleman
ISBN: Your Body Speaks its Mind

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Your Body Speaks Its Mind is Stanley Keleman's provocative work on how to understand the language of the body and nature of bodily experience. "We do not have bodies, we are our bodies. Emotional reality and biological ground are the same and cannot, in any way, be separated or distinguished," says Keleman. A key concept is what Keleman describes as the formative principle, how life shapes itself somatically according to subjective experience. He sees the body as an alive, kinetic, emotional form -- not an object in space but the embodiment of a person in the shape he acquires through living. It is this process of life incarnate -- individual human experience manifesting in flesh -- that he describes in a personal and original style.

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