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The Body In Psychotherapy: Inquiries in Somatic Psychology (Don Hanlon Johnson & Ian J. Grand)

Sale Price: $14.95
Item Number: 9781556432514
Author: Don Hanlon Johnson
ISBN: 9781556432514

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The Body in Psychotherapy explores the life of the body as a basis of psychological understanding. Its chapters describe the use of movement, awareness exercises, and bodily imagination in work with various populations and life situations. It chronicles somatic work with childhood trauma, political torture, and life transitions such as aging, the loss of parents, and the emergence of a sense of Self. The Body in Psychotherapy is the third in a groundbreaking series that provides a theoretical and practical context for the emerging field of Somatics. The first, Bone, Breath, and Gesture gathered writings of the founders of major schools of work. The second, Groundworks, presented in-depth accounts of the actual process of six major methods-Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Continuum, F.M. Alexander, Body-Mind Centering, and Lomi Work. Rich in case histories, the work here evokes the lives experience of the authors in doing body-oriented psychotherapies. The volume is illuminating, critical, and cautionary, providing insights into applications of somatic work and conceptual frameworks within which to hold them.