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Panic: Origins, Insight, and Treatment

Sale Price: $19.95
Item Number: 9781556433962

ISBN: Panic: Origins, Insight, and Treatment

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"This unique anthology presents a rich mixture of original and traditional work, the latter including poetry by Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath and artwork by Edward Munch and Pablo Picasso. The literary and artistic contributions evoke panic in its various states, intimating that panic is not a single state with a set response and predictable behaviors. The range of phenomena called panic is explored in all its varied manifestations, from primitive biological response to a crippling psychosomatic and biochemical disorder to a visionary fugue and altered state of consciousness. This text will appeal to suffers and caregivers, connoisseurs of philosophical and clinical literature, artists, and simply curious readers, who will be taken on a journey into all the provinces of Pan's realm by the contributors' interdisciplinary approaches to the subject." "Recent experimental therapies that focus upon the "felt body" in resolving anxiety states (i.e. Somatic Experiencing/ Levine and Bioenergetics/Robins are covered with generous case material."