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Oneness & Separateness: From Infant To Individual (Louise J. Kaplan, Ph.D.)

Sale Price: $15.95
Item Number: 0-671-24061-7
Author: Louise J. Kaplan, Ph.D.

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In a brilliant illumination of the theories of Margaret Mahler, Dr. Kaplan explores the inner emotions and experiences of the child. At the same time, she shows how the parent, or any other adult concerned with the child, can most effectively respond to the changes wrought during these crucial years. With clarity and through concrete examples, she reveals the meaning of such universal childhood behavior as the first smile, peek-a-boo games, creeping, walking, saying no, and having temper tantrums. By showing how these behaviors relate to conflicts over yearnings for oneness and strivings for separateness, Dr. Kaplan eliminates much of the anxiety that is often connected with modern parenting. Moreover, her lyrical narrative of this delicate and profound process that shapes our lives reveals the various themes that reverberate in our adult lives.

Through Oneness and Separateness should, as Dr Alice Ginott has written, "be most helpful, especially for women who are questioning their role as mother as they try to redefine their role as wife," it is addressed to all people interested in the process of self-discovery.

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