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Jung & Reich: The Body as Shadow (John P. Conger, PhD)

Sale Price: $16.95
Item Number: 1556435444
Author: John P. Conger
ISBN: Jung & Reich

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"I found this book interesting, informative, and very well written. I strongly recommend it to everyone interested in Reich, Jung, and Bioenergetic Analysis. I think it is a valuable contribution to analytic theory." - Alexander Lowen, founder of Bioenergetic therapy and author of The Betrayal of the Body

Jung & Reich: The Body as Shadow is an exploration of the lives and significant ideas of two principal figures of psychoanalysis, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich, who never met even though they were contemporaries. Author John Conger's unique treatment of their personalities and points of view - as well as what they might have learned from one another - is at once a brush with the hypothetical, a blended biography of similarities and differences, and a conscientious assessment of the two men's theories. Jung and Reich, both controversial luminaries and pioneers, found themselves situated to forge new ground as their careers merged with the modern fascination with psychology in the 1920s and '30s. Conger's deep examination of the two men's backgrounds, characters, and styles offers by comparison a richer study than individual biographies.

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