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•Frank Hladky, MD

Frank Hladky, M.D. is a native Oklahoman, graduating from medical school in 1946 as a Board Certified Psychiatrist. From 1963 – 1978, he served as Director of the Tulsa Psychiatric Foundation utilizing Bioenergetics as one of the foundation’s primary treatment modalities. Frank’s background includes psychoanalysis at the Karen Horney Institute and studies with Eric Erikson. Dr. Hladky is renowned for his application of Erikson's theories in working with his clients on early trauma issues. He also had a collegiate relationship with Alexander Lowen as they led numerous workshops together in Pawling, New York. Having been an International Trainer of Bioenergetic Analysis for over 35 years in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America, he continues to conduct workshops, supervision, and training in Bioenergetics at his home at Coweta, Oklahoma and around the world.