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Emotional Anatomy (Stanley Keleman)

Sale Price: $27.95
Item Number: 9780934320108
Author: Stanley Keleman
ISBN: Emotional Anatomy

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"Life makes Shapes." So begins Emotional Anatomy, an original inquiry into the connections between anatomy and feeling. Keleman describes individual shape as a dynamic interaction between personal emotional history and genetic shape, and on-going process in which emotions, thoughts, and experiences are embodies. Structure, our personal form, is what orders the events of daily existence. The first half of Emotional Anatomy introduces embryology, the study of human shape. Molecules and cells organize as layers, tubes, and tunnels, and pouches giving structure to liquid life and setting the stage for human consciousness. A given shape is changed by a person's emotional history, the marks made by love and disappointments, insults and assaults, the challenges ans stresses of existence.

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