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Body Encyclopedia A Guide to the Psychological Functions of the Muscular System (Lisbeth Marcher & Sonja Fich)

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Item Number: 9781556439407

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The culmination of over forty years of research, Body Encyclopedia introduces an innovative healing system that examines the Interactions of physiology and psychology in the body. Based on Bodynamic Analysis, a body-oriented psychology developed in Denmark by the authors and their colleagues, this book examines the developmental sequence in which psychological and emotional elements are linked to specific muscles. Through detailed descriptions of 154 muscles and related tissues, authors, Lisbeth Marcher and Sonjo Fich demonstrate how certain responses to events in our lives end up bound and connected with our movement patterns. Basci instructions are provided for bodymapping, a hands-on procedure that involves palpating and registering muscle response to accurately target underlying psychological issues. An invaluable resource for psychotherapists, body therapists, and other health practitioners, Body Encyclopedia represents a major milestone in the field of somatic psychology.