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Body, Breath, & Consciousness: A Somatics Anthology (Ian Macnaughton)

Sale Price: $16.95
Item Number: 9781556434969
Author: Ian Macnaughton
ISBN: 9781556434969

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Body, Breath, & Consciousness: A Somatics Anthology is a collection of  articles on family systems, self-psychology, the bodynamics model of somatic developmental psychology, shock trauma and breathwork.

"This collection of articles is uniquely useful as a teaching tool to students of somatic psychology. It offers access to cutting-edge applications of somatic psychotherapy in a broad range of clinical situations. Macnaughton's original contributions, bringing together family systems theory with a somatic psychology, fit well alongside articles such as Lisbeth Marcher's developmental focus and Peter Levine's work with shock trauma." -- Peter Barnhardt, M.F.T., Adjunct Professor of Pscychology, John F. Kennedy University

"Ambitious in its scope, which ranges from systems theory to somatic therapy to spirituality, the breadth and depth of Body, Breath, & Consciousness matches that of its editor, Ian Macnaughton, whose extraordinary capacity to embrace the mystery and complexity of human spirit runs throughout this volume. A must for therapists of all kinds, this unique collection combines heartfelt compassion for the human condition with clear, innovative, and practical psychotherapeutic theory and technique." -- Pat Ogden, originator of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

"This book is invaluable for anyone wishing to learn some of the major principles of body-oriented psychotherapy. Dr. Macnaughton has brought together crucial writings for understanding how the body interacts with and can help to heal psychological and emotional issues in psychotherapy." -- Joel F. Wade, Ph.D., M.F.T.

"Body, Breath & Consciousness is a wonderfully clear text on basic principles of somatics, body psychotherapy, and the methods of Bodynamics in particular. This book is invaluable for practitioners working with the integration of psyche and soma,and for those wishing to understand the deeper developmental bases of our motility and the healing journey from trauma to the discovery of new somatic messages from the wisdom of the body." -- David Boadella, founder of Biosynthesis, Past President of The European Association for the Body Psychotherapy, author of Lifestreams

"Ian Macnaughton knows the wisdom of the body and facilitates the integration of the body-mind with respect and dignity." -- Erv Polster, Ph.D., cofounder of the Gestalt Training Center, San Diego